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This is R.A.I.N.B.O.W, an elite unit of soldiers drafted in secretly.

Starting Now: Prologue 1Edit

Executive Secretary Alison Grace stacked her papers up. They were everything one would need to now about the person on the paper. There were hundreds of them. Alison picked them up, and called over to her co-worker, Mrs. Nicole Hammett. Nicole, sitting just a wall away in the tall building, picked up the intercom, asking, "Yeah Allie?"

Allie informed her of the papers she needed to shred. Nicole walked over, and grabbed the large stack from the left side Allie's desk. She left the room, heading for the shredding machine. Alison turned her chair. On her right was a much smaller stack. About 24 papers. They each had the info on the certain person's life. Alison smiled. Her job was done. She pushed a button on the intercom, labeled MR. DYSON. The Director picked up, the director of what you ask? RAINBOW.

The Captain: Prologue 2Edit

27 year old Ryan Davis sped down the road, his father's black Porsche Cayenne Turbo gleaming in the desert sun. Behind him came a policeman, driving in a Ford Crown Victoria. The Policeman pointed his Laser Radar at the Porsche. 170 in a 60 zone.

Inside the Cayenne, Ryan sped down the highway. He knew that the policeman couldn't, and wouldn't catch him. His GPS showed him how far he had to go till he reached the border. One step to freedom. But then the GPS shut off. It flickered back on, but it had a completely different route. A new turn on a small farm road, leading up to a deep mountain range. A few miles away, at the head of the valley/road of the mountain, were two tan Hummers. Each had an MK-44 Mini Gun attached onto the top, with two SAS officers in Digital Desert Camo on top.

The Cayenne sped down the road. The policeman followed. This was private property. The police car slowed down as it saw the Hummers. The Cayenne started to slow down, as it arrived at the Hummers. The Gunner on top of one of the Hummers waved to go through. The Cayenne sped into the mountains. The police car started to go, but then he heard large cracks. He was being given warning shots.

He reversed out of the road, and let Ryan go. He drove away, slowly disappearing into the horizon.

The Gunner grabbed a small radio, and talked into it. "Mr. Davis has arrived."

Someone spoke in, the director. "Good. Resume defensive posts."

Chapter OneEdit

Ryan continued down the valley. He saw a metal gate up ahead. There was someone standing at a small window. He saw the Cayenne drive up, and spoke into the bullhorn.

"Sir, I'm going to need you to show me your identification."

Ryan rolled down the window, confused.

"Excuse me, sir?"

The doorman repeated himself.

Ryan pulled up to the window and showed his ID. The doorman nodded. As the Cayenne drove in, the doorman turned around, and walked into a large hallway, carved into a mountain. He stepped into a room, and looked at a man. The man had gray hair, was going bald, but still had most of his hair. The man had a large scar running from his left eyebrow to his jaw. His left eye was blind, but his right eye was a deep blue. His light complexion blended well with his gray hair and black turtleneck. He stood under a light, a large table in front of him. He put his hands on the table, leaning down on it. Spread out on the table, and under the light, were 24 papers. They each had a birthdate, more information on the person, and a date.

The man pulled out one. It was labeled, "Davis, S. Ryan". It had a picture of Ryan, at the age of 18. The year he had joined the Navy SEALs. Ryan, although still very young, was a retired Navy SEAL, who had retired just that year.

The Man spoke, "Ryan Davis. He is the one who just came in. Get him inside. I'm sure he'll be hungry."

The Doorman spoke, "Yes Mr. Director, right away Mr. Director."

Meanwhile, Ryan drove in. He noticed the gate had closed behind him. He stepped out of the car, and onto the dirt. He was in a circular lot surrounded by mountains. There were guards everywhere, just not visible on first site. There was many small porches and doors. It all looked very rustic. Almost like something out of a western movie. One of these doors opened, but it slid open. The doorman walked out.

He spoke, "Simulated Major Ryan S. Davis? Welcome to RAINBOW. Follow me."

Ryan stepped back, and waved his arms, yelling, "Wait! Wait! First of all, what is RAINBOW!? Second of all, how do you know who I am and what rank am I, and lastly, where am I!?"

The Doorman smiled. "Come inside and I'll tell you." He said. The confused seal had no idea what was about to happen. He did what he had to. He started to follow, when he jumped onto the Doorman, and started to choke him. The doorman jumped around, struggling to speak, when out of the corner of the lot, in a grassy lot, a man stood up wearing a Ghillie Suit. He fired a Simunition round at Ryan. Ryan let go of the Doorman, and jumped away from the next three rounds coming at him. He ran towards the man in the Ghillie Suit. He looked back at the doorman, who lie unconscious on the ground. The man in the Ghillie Suit unmasked himself, and smiled. He shot one more Simunition at Ryan. This one hit him in the forehead. Ryan fell to the ground.

Chapter TwoEdit

Coming Soon, You can wait, Can't you?

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