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In the wars and famine that plagued the Earth during the year 2100, when guns were as common as fingers and toes, the United Nations was being run by some of the worst criminal dictators the world had ever seen. No longer set on world peace, it craved domination, changing it's name, and waging war on all the countries who refused to join, sparing no expenses, and leaving their dignity to fly away as the nuclear explosions devastated the once beautiful country of China. When the wars ended in 2145, they began to construct a massive solar panel over the burnt and useless landscape of China, and two space crafts that were to be used to make both the moon and Mars habitable for human beings. Four hundred years later, all three were completed, and within twelve years, they announced worldwide the habitability of the moon, leaving many doubts about Mars, but out of fear, the people never questioned. They baited many to the moon with promises of a new, brighter future. They set up yet another militaristic outpost to control the silvery planet, forcing the inhabitants into bondage. Mars was riddled with severe storms, and they found it to be unlivable conditions, so they began to empty their prisons on the surface. Can their reign last forever, with the new threats of rebel alliances backed by strong leaders on the horizon? Only time will tell.


Led by the ever fearsome George Amadeaous Halsinki in the current years, t

The UMFE fleet, orbiting Earth

he military makes up the brunt of the Federation, and it pays very well. Seems that is the only way to inspire loyalty for such a powerhouse. They have their own factories, producing mechanisms that keep the people they control in line.

They have two major divisions within their military, breaking down into sub categories


Issued EquipmentEdit

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