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"Good MORNING my fellow Survivalists! You are listening to The Voice, Speaking his mind in a world the can't! So Who's ready for some news?"
The Voice

The Voice is a fictional character, taking on the role of a traveling news broadcaster, in the Post Apocalyptia Role Play. He is a middle-aged Caucasian man, with a slight mid-western accent, and travels between abandoned broadcasting towers speaking his thoughts, telling the "news", and giving survival tips to anyone who listens.

Information Edit

The Voice usually wears an old, brown duster, a large duffel bag thrown over his shoulder, its contents unknown, and sometimes wears a pair of "Lucky Shades" and an old Bandanna with Hell's Angels printed on it. His face looks raggedy because of his long, messy beard, and he is missing one of his canine teeth. He is traveling with a group of resistance fighters and gives hints to where certain Resistance outposts are located in his broadcasts, trying to help out any of his fellow "Survivalists", and has openly warned survivors where not to "visit". He has also mentioned to have friends within the alliance, that are feeding him information to relay to other survivors.

He has mentioned that he is a mutant on many occasions, but he says that his powers consist of "Kick-ass-kinesis" and "Super Speaking-my-mind powers", so it is unknown that his is truly a mutant. He verbally insults the Mutant Alliance on regular occasions, even making smart cracks about Amalgam and her "Greasy-haired friend". Due to this, Amalgam has placed a price on his head, but because he keeps changing radio stations every day its rather difficult to track him. Even Amalgam's best Telepaths aren't able to pinpoint his movements, adding to the theory that he is either a Telepath himself, or is a teleporter.

More to come as the role-play continues...

Broadcasts Edit

"If you're listening to this broadcast then be happy! Your still alive out there in this god-forsaken world we now call home. Today's news is the same as ever: Mutants on a Rampage! The Mutant Alliance has now taken over the resistance controlled city of Win-Static-lem so if any of you survivors had heard of the safe-haven in our last broadcast, please change your mind about visiting. Otherwise you might be transformed into something that sounds like this: (Abominations are heard in the background) So stay safe my fellow surviv-static-until next time this is The Voice, speaking his mind, in a world that can't. Keep flipping through those stations tomorrow my brothers and sisters! I'm bound to be on one of them!"
The Voice makes himself known in Act 2 of Chapter 4 in the Role-Play
"Good Afternoon Everybody! You are listening to The Voice, speaking his mind in a world that can't. Now who out there is ready to hear what that overpowered psycho, Amalgam has been up to since my last broadcast? No one? Didn't think so, but its that time again my Brothers and Sisters. Reports have came in from my good friends working with the Human resistance. Remember that city that the MA took over the other day? Turns out that they dropped some "Zombie Bombs" filled with those flesh loving little rascals, the Abominations, into its neiboring towns and cities. Not only that, but four Mutant Alliance Fighter Jets bombed the hell out of a resistance controlled area. Why has there been so much Mutant activity in good ol' North Carolina? Beats Me. But whatever it is, it must have Amalgam pissed, and so its a friend to you, me, and the rest of humanity! And now for the Important Survival Tip of the Day, listen up my fellow Survivalists. Alright, for those of you planning on crossing the mountains to get across the country, I suggest you turn your asses back the way you came from. The MA has turned the Great Plains into an Abomination breeding ground, so unless you're tired of living in a Post Apocalyptic world, then the West is not a good place to be. Alright now my fellow Wasteland dwellers, I believe I pissed of the Mutant Alliance enough today, until next time, this has been The Voice, speaking his mind in a world that can't."
The Voice returns in Act 14 of Chapter 4 in the Role-Play
"... So if you Survivalists need a place to stay for a while, come to the place where the water was cool and refreshing. Until next time, this is The Voice speaking its mind in a world that can't."
—A piece of The Voice's broadcast from Act 13 of Chapter 5, giving a hint that the town of Cooleemee is a safe area.

More to come as the role-play continues...


  • The Voice is based off of the video game character Three Dog from Fallout 3.
  • The article picture is that of a Fallout 3 Radio Broadcast Tower.

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