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"The War will leave the text books blank, lest we make our stand and win."
—Ether Valios Stimul, Martian rebel leader, and gun merchant.

The war will be waged in the year 3001, with the rebel alliance know as The Lunar Rebels and The Sovereign Peoples of Planet Wargod combining efforts to take down The United Martial Federation of Earth.

The Earth's StoryEdit

In the year of 2145, the world was united by a single military dominating faction, created by the United Nations, named The United Martial Federation of Earth. This faction underwent many riots in the first hundred years, until in 2263 when the UMFE flattened China with an experimental plate shifter, known only as Andrea's Fault. After this act, the dominance became complete, and the people, once again complacent. For nearly four hundred years, the UMFE began to construct many plans for future colonization of the Moon. After the completion of the Apollo Dome, a massive solar panel that covered the ruins of China, The Federation released to the people information about two planetary colonization vessels named Luna I and Wargod I, bound for the Moon, and Mars respectively. On the eve of 2666 the two pods were launched. In ten years, the planets were habitable. The moon became much like Earth, with lush vegetation, and a temperate climate on it's warm side. Mars, plagued with it's deathly wind storms, became a marshy waste. The people of Earth were baited by the promises that the moon held, a new chance for the people to thrive, while Mars became a prison, with drop ships unloading prisoners who were condemned for free thinking actions, and rebellious behavior.

The Story of the Moon and Mars, entwined by fate.Edit

After the year of 2680, the people of the Moon were destitute, unable to contact family members, forced to carry out backbreaking labor in tightly packed cities full of sweatshops for producing and refining the various raw metals found from the millennium of abuse taken from asteroids. The people of Mars began to find downed UMFE transports, and soon, they thrived on weapons and raw goods trade. A specific merchant from Mars, one Ether Stimul, began to re-construct a transport. He married into the Steinbeck family, to the youngest daughter Morgan. After his son's birth in 2881, He completed the craft, and made his way to the moon, in hopes of establishing contact. On the moon, he encountered a lunar rebellion leader. In 3000, he made his way back to Mars, and hugged his son for the first time, on the child's nineteenth birthday. One week upon his return, he began his side of a communications network with the Lunar rebels, starting the era of the War of Planetary Freedom

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