The Y-Team was created by none other than the Super Sonica. It contains several members, all with unique powers. Below is a list of all the characters.

Hero Name Real Name Age Powers
Super Sonica Marge Reid 35

Super Sonic Flight

The Incredible Emerald Man Zu Ling 26 Ability to create anything out of Emerald
Zero Shannon Carter 27 Force fields
Grip Carl Whits 24 Prehensile Tail, Blue skin
Skunk Mary Lee 22

Empathy with skunks

Emition of toxic gas from body

Wave Jarod Parker 19 Ability to emit heat waves from body
Fog Amara Nungen 41

Ability to create fog

Control over the clouds

Dreamer Kututsu MGni N/A Ability to create illusions, dreams, and equilibrium imbalance
Giganta Ethel Thomas 30

Ability to grow to enormous size

Strength is proportional to size

Iguana Lea Algae 25 Subaqautic adaption
Flame Jamaal Brown 21

Super Strength

Ability to change hands and hair into fire

Ray Mandy Richards 32 Ability to create solid constructions of light
Chloriphil Donald Stevens 33 Super strength, flight, and plant manipulation
Raven Sandra Martinez 27 Super sonic scream
Falcon Roberto Ganzales 30 Enhancement of the 5 senses, flight due to suit
Stretch Hayden Ray 18 Stretching ability
Spike Thomas Hails 20 Ability to grow and shoot wooden spikes from body
B.B. Leah Jackson 29

Flight, Color manipulation

Spychic blasts due to magical axe

Green Acid Victor Ryleigh 26 Ability to secrete a green acid from body
Magica Marissa Vaugh 32 Magic
Mr. Element Walter Bain 21 Ability to form body into any element/substance that he physically touches
Victoria Victoria Parks 19 Technopath
Elf Durah Gail 18 Flight, Ability to control emotions
Monarch Ariel Kain 21 Suit allows flight, shrinking, and stunning
Vibe Kenneth Walters 23 Creation of earth quakes.

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