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Three Man Crime Wave is a small-time supervillain group made up of three individual members with similar powers.

Created by Re-Pete, the group’s other two members are Shotoclone and Superfluous Man II. These three super criminals all share the ability to make copies of themselves, in essence making the group seem a lot larger then it actually is – and hence the group’s name. While Re-Pete can create a single copy, Shotoclone can create four and Superfluous Man II can create at least thirty (his capacity is unknown and seems to still be growing), giving the group tremendous manpower without having to pay for extra members.

Based in Millennium City, Three Man Crime Wave’s goals are relatively simple. Rather then being motivated through some lofty ideal or ambition, its members simply seek to get rich through criminal activities. Occasionally, the group will hire itself out to other agencies or organizations that need extra muscle, but rarely will they stay with such for terribly long.

The group is looking for additional members, specifically ones who share the same duplication abilities.

Current MembersEdit

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