A TheTiger
Created By: EliteMaster117
Origin: Mutant, bonded with a Tiger.
Personal Data
Real Name: Virgil Louis
Known Aliases: Eye of The Tiger, Orange Tiger
Species: Human Mutant/Tiger
Age: 14
Height: 5'4 in Human Form, 6'5 in Bonded Form, 5'5 Standing in Tiger Form
Weight: ???
Eye Color: Brown in Human and Tiger Form, white in Bonded Form
Hair Color: Black in Human Form, Orange and Black in Tiger and Bonded Form
Biographical Data
Nationality: African-American
Occupation: High Schooler, Fifth Fighter in the Fighting Five, Professional Crimefighter
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Ability to transform into a Tiger, or a half human, half tiger form.
Known Abilities
Expert in Judo.
Spandex boxer-brief shorts, Utility Belt
Often eats Candy Corn and listens to Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor.

Tiger, or Virgil Louis, is a fourteen year old superhero and member of the Fighting Five.


For the most part of his life, Virgil Louis was a normal child, he was smarter than average, and very sympathetic for wildlife. Virgil was on a camping trip when he saw poachers with an already captured Bengal Tiger. They were talking, and said they would, "go back to Chin for more!". When his fellow classmates were either looking away or in the restroom near the site, Virgil escaped to the tiger. He let the tiger out of the cage, and it knew Virgil was trying to help. When the Bengal Tiger and Virgil were leaving, a scarred man caught site of them. Big time criminal Victor Virgo was in charge. They captured Virgil and the Tiger, and took them to a waste facility. A large vat of toxic acid was waiting for them. They were hung over it by a rope, and the thirteen year old Tiger and boy looked at each other. The male tiger hid his head, and Virgil hugged the tiger. Then they dropped. They fell into the vat of acid, and thought they were dead. They were not. The position they were in let their bodies bond into one, one tiger, and one human, to become, a mutant.

Virgil crawled out, and thought he had survived, and the tiger did not. It was later, back at school, he discovered his powers. He could transform from a human, to a tiger, to a combination of them. It was a few months later, Victor had already been in control of his powers for weeks, that Le Bron Armstrong found him. Le Bron had formed a team, and Virgil was the last Mutant teenager found. The team was known as the Fighting Five, and they fought evil together.


Virgil has three forms, his true form, a human form, the Bonded Form, a mix between a human and tiger, and the Tiger Form, just a Bengal Tiger with Virgil's mind and soul inside. The Bonded Form, a mix between the tiger, and Virgil is a strong and lean mutant. Changes of transformation are, Virgil's muscles grow in size, Virgil's skin changes in color to orange, with outlined in black stripes. The skin also becomes much thinner than a normal human skin, almst like a fleshy and thin skin of a tiger. Virgil's hands turn orange, and claws come out of his knuckles, whilst Virgil's feet do the same. Virgil's face changes to that of a tiger's, orange hair growing, his facial features changing by the second. Virgil's eyes white out, and he becomes much stronger and older, due to the tiger's age physically. Virgil can then transform into a Tiger with Virgil's mind, soul, and being, or Virgil's true self. Virgil's voice becomes deeper and somewhat raspy, and he can now growl, roar, and purr like a tiger. Virgil becomes, The Tiger, a lethal superhero, with a twist.

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