Victor Armstrong is a former world heavyweight champion wrestler turned thug-for-hire, he was dubbed Titan. Vic also served in the Marines.

Biography Edit

Since he was young, Vic trained to be the best at everything he does but all his success has made him arrogant and cocky. His arrogance has cost him his career, an NFL contract, he was discharged from the marines, and his greedy girlfriend extorted thousands of dollars in court over supposedly being physically abused.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Vic has a possibly unlimited amount of strength even when he's struggling. He's also faster and more agile than most athletes. While he can heal, the rate it takes to heal depends on how badly damaged he is. Vic also has the ability to manipulate his energy and use it against others.

Personality Edit

Vic normally is confidant to the point of arrogance which is his achilles heel. When angered he cam be brutally sadistic towards others, he can also be cold hearted such as when his sister Kelly was betrayed by her boyfriend Kane who was his rival for a time, although it's possible he was dissapointed in her because he warned her to stay away from Kane.

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