The Tops Cats are a gang that was around durings the Omega Human days. The Top Cats were organized by a crime boss named Topher Catolo, Top Cat. Top Cat had a daughter with one of his members and was killed by his wife for cheating on her. The Top Cats were disbanded, only because of their leader's death. Years passed before young Topher Catolo Jr. found out about his father's legacy. Topher nicknames himself Top Cat Jr. and finds his own gang to become part of the new Top Cats. Top Cat Jr. was able to find his has sister, Hallie Halls, The two were able to catch up on old times. And when it came down to it T.C. Jr. asked her if she would consider joining the new Top Cats. Unfortunately she shot down the offer, but was given a card in case she changed her mind. Even without Hallie Top Cat Jr. was able to reform the Top Cats.


Former MembersEdit

  • Topher Catolo Sr.: Top Cat
  • Marianna Halls
  • Carlos Hernadez: El Gato
  • Lang Roroko: White Tiger
  • Kelly Klaws: Klaws

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