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The Twilight Feeders are a trio of superhero anthromorphic animals. They consist of an anthromorphic cat (Catzy) bat (Batzy) and rat (Ratzy). At first, they had no official name and lurked in a storm sewer, abandoned mine, or any other dark area during the day, because they thought people viewed them as monsters. At night, they went to fed, but they realized that criminals were present, so they decided to do something about this. They fought crime during the night, but returned to their wherever during the day. However, this is all changed when an extremely powerful supervillain shown up, making the Twilight Feeders have to go out during the day to stop this...

Other Before the supervillain (Dawn) showed up, an naturalist wanted to study the Twilight Feeders because of their posture and ability to talk and read. They declined.

They were not called Twilight Feeders prior to Dawn. Ratzy decided that they should have a superhero team name and chose Twilight Feeders because they fed during twilight. Catzy and Batzy couldn't think of another name.

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  • Twilight feeders

The Twilight Feeders orgins are unknown, even to the Twilight Feeders themselves. Some say they're mutations of the corresponding animal, others say they're exiermentations. As of now, the Twilight Feeders are hermaphrodites.

Catzy: The strongest of the Twilight feeders. It is good at strategies and has claws that can tear through many things. Its fur is black and he has yellow eyes, which enable him to see better in the dark. When standing, it is 8 and a half feet tall.

Batzy: Batzy has echolocation, which makes up for its poor eyesight. It can fly really fast as well as crawl. Its fur is dark brown and its nose is flat. When standing, it is seven feet tall.

Ratzy: The most agile of the Twilight Feeders, he can twist his body, scurry fast, and go through holes smaller then his body. His bite is pretty hard and he stands six feet when standing (the Twilight Feeders are sometimes on all fours)

  • Humans

Dr. Yancy Pansy: the naturalist, who is also a vet. He supplies the Twilight Feeders with non-lethat weapons, like tranquilizers. He is six feet tall


Professor Richard Connor: a.k.a. Dawn.

Dr. Lancy Gansy. He's a creationist who's Yancy's enemy. He thinks that the Twilight Feeders are minions of the Devil, and tries to destroys them. Lancy has always been enemies with Yancy ever since kindergarten because of their conflicting views on the universe.

Skink and Decapod: Skink was a herpatologist and Decapod was a marine biologist. Skink (real name: Francine Tompson) worked at a zoo which she nevoted a large portion of her life to. They fired her in favor of turning the zoo into an aquarium, and hired Decapod (Real Name: Klyde Boner) to help out with the aquarium. Francine became depressed and later went to alchoholism. She went into an accident which burned all her skin leaving her horribly scarred, and without a nose or ears. She blamed this on the zoo owners and decided to get revenge on them. She put makeup all over her body and snuck into the aquarium where the zoo owners (and Klyde) were preparing. She lit it on fire, and took a lot of bolts/screws out which caused the aquarium to collaspe, killing the zoo owners and splitting Klyde's arms. Francine decided to save Klyde because he was not part of her sacking. Together they agreed to become criminals, causing chaos around the world, er, city.

Captain Console: A pirate-themed video gamer. He has highly advanced technology like a flying ship and gamepads and joysticks that can control people. He also owns MMORPG gold trading sweatshops, run by orphans he kidnapped. The orphans also fuel his ship and control the laser cannons there. They get an infinite ammount of video game time.

Plasma: A young Woman who, after an accident has beams of lightning coming out of her body, which she controls by wearing a special suit. She also has mild control over magnetic fields.

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