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Twin Rex

Real Name:

Sarah O'Hirin



Identity Status:

Revealed. Wanted by the Goverment.




Unemployed, former member of the department of Genetic Manipulation of the Goverment.

Usual Place of Operations:

Most of Glassbeach City:

Main Power:

Animal Transformation (Capable of transforming a body part or the full body into those of an animal species.)

Weapons and Equipment:


Twin Rex is a female villain that resides in Glassbeach City.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

Her main ability is the Animal Transformation. It means she can transform body parts (or the full body) and morph them into an animal part from her genetic "catalogue". This means she has the genetic code of most animals in her body, and she can access any of those codes to transform. The codes are not infinite, so she needs to drain every certain time the body of a member of that species to re-obtain the code and use it, like a celphone battery.

Her name in particular comes from the fact that her favorite attack is to transform her arms into the heads of two furious, rampaging Tyrannosaurs.

She can also combine various body parts to create chimeric creatures, such as dragons, gryphons, and the like. Not only that, but she can also transform into plants, fungi, and even extraterrestrial species.

Other minor abilities are fast cell regeneration and enhanced senses.

Background Story:Edit

She was part of the Genetic Manipulation team by the goverment. They discovered various ways to either fuse species to create hybrids, revive extinct species, or using animal properties to cure human deceases. Her team was the most famous among the scientific community, untill one day, they started to develop the ultimate substance, that would cure every single sickness, cure mortal wounds or damage, and enhence the human capabilities to an incredible level. The first tests were great, with few or none secondary effects on the study subjects, but everything went wrong when they started the human tests.

Sarah offered herself to be the very first human test subject, as she was the one that actually slept, eated and lived for this project. On humans, it was discovered that the substance created insanity and other mental disorders. Sarah was encarcelated in a Mental Assylum until one day, during her monthly walk through the Assylum's Gardens, she started to drain a pidgeon without no one noticed. After that she transformed and flew away to the nearest city: Glassbeach City.

She stopped by her home, where she conserved the genetic chain of more than 10,000 species. She draines them all. She was unstopabble.

She has 10,000 at her disposition, but she also had really poor mental stability, and she became a real danger for all nations alike.

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