There are many types of evolved Homo sapiens that can all be classified into several groups.

How to classifyEdit

To classify an evolved Homo sapien, you must write their type and TL together. An example would be Rocky: Type A2TL4.

Type AEdit

Type A1Edit

Type A1 evolved Homo sapiens are naturally gifted; born with distinctive superhuman abilities.

Type A2Edit

Type A2 evolved Homo sapiens are also naturally gifted, however; their superhuman abilities are genealogical (their powers run in the family). Some might say that Type AA Homo sapiens are pure descendants of Jesus Christ, the original evolved being. Examples of Type AA beings would be the residents of the Terra Kingdom, who can all manipulate and control the Earths surface.

Type A3Edit

Type A3 evolved Homo sapiens do not have any actual genuine superhuman abilities, but can use supernatural forces (magic) to varying degree's, which can actually be used to replicate genuine superhuman abilities.

Type A4Edit

Type A4 evolved Homo sapiens Have limited superhuman abilities. An example of this would be a hero who only receives his/her power at night, but not in the morning or afternoon.

Type BEdit

Type B1Edit

Type B1 evolved Homo sapiens are not naturally gifted. They have received their superhuman abilities through serums, formulas, accidents, tests, exposure to certain chemicals, etc. They're often given the offensive moniker "mutant".

Type B2Edit

Type B2 evolved Homo sapiens receive their superhuman abilities as a gift, usually granted from a Type A3 supernatural being.

Type B3Edit

Type B3 evolved Homo sapiens are the equivalent to a Type A4 being, however; Type A4 beings are naturally gifted; B3's are not.

Type ZEdit

Type Z1Edit

Type Z1 evolved Homo sapiens have completely powerful superhuman abilities.

TL (threat level) scaleEdit


Evolved Homo sapiens with undiscovered potential.


Evolved Homo sapiens with well maintained and controlled powers.


Evolved Homo sapiens with specific and personal issues.


Evolved Homo sapiens that have powerful superhuman abilities.


Evolved Homo sapiens with uncontrollable powers.


Evolved Homo sapiens that are criminals.


Evolved Homo sapiens that are extremely dangerous.

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