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The United Martial Federation of Earth began at once to police the deep space, making ships that would go out for week long shifts, intercepting pirate crafts.


The Light Interceptor was created with a large, four-man cockpit, six bedrooms, housed alongside the bridge, and a cargo space at the back, with a partition in the middle to house the master engine. It is outfitted with four Percussion thrusters, and a UMFE High-Efficiency engine, and the whole ship is powered by four, 500lbs., fission batteries. It can reach a near light-speed, assuming Mach7 in 8 seconds. It is well armed, with four UMFE Heavy Gauss Repeater Cannons and UMFE Sonic Pulse Rockets. It is coated in a high-density Iron, with it's internal structure covered in a plastic made to endure impact and extreme temperatures, preventing any unwanted air leaks.

Known Light InterceptorsEdit

  • The Silver Fang: A stolen Light Interceptor that was refurbished and customized by Jason Cruise, a well known Smuggler and SSPW supporter.

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