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A product of The United Martial Federation of Earth, they are super soldiers, with above-average capabilities and genetically-induced powers. They are given customized weapons with high lethality. Their uniform is armored, comprised of a special cool-down mesh, covered by special Kevlar, with an air tight stretchy plastic coating, making the suit space-worthy. The suit has attachments for different armor plates, so the soldier can customize his own suit for his personal preferences.

The Path of TepesEdit

The Path of Tepes is the program created to turn ordinary soldiers int Special Units. The process enables above-human capabilities, growing the muscles stronger, while making them leaner. They inject several toxins into the body to induce a mind spark, which allows the brain to enhance especially in the areas of military tactics, and improving their survival skills. The process also gives the human special abilities.


The Path of Tepes induces abnormal mutant powers, such as:

  • Night Vision: The eyes are affected by the toxins, making them resistant to sunlight, and at the same time, adds a cat-like night vision, where the pupils adjust quickly and effortlessly. The Unit's can go from extreme light to a dark cellar, without ever having to stop.
  • Regeneration: The Path induces a severe reaction in the blood platelets, making them extremely responsive. Wounds from bullets heal in about two to three hours.
  • Vampirism: The Path creates an ability within the human to heal more quickly with the help of another persons blood.

Known SoldiersEdit

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