This article, UMFE standard .45 Assault rifle, was written by IshmaelOTDOP. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

This weapon is a product of The United Martial Federation of Earth

While the barrel is bored for a .45 calliber bullet, the gun itself actuall fires in two modes, Full Auto (uses ammunition) and Percussion Blast (Charges at any wireless power station)


  • Dimmensions: The gun itself, is only 3.5' in all. The stock can extend an extra .5' for user comfort. The barrel is 2', but is covered up by the metal and plastic casing.
  • Ammunition: The gun fires both a .45 caliber round, and has a standard precussion wave blaster for closer ranges.
  • Clip: Holds 32 .45 caliber rounds, and holds a rechargeable battery that can fire the precussion blast 120 times before a recharge is needed. Recharge lasts aproximately 3 hours.
  • Range: In Full auto mode, can fire up to 300 yards. The Percussion blast has a range of 10 yards.

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