Backstory Edit

After many failed attempts by the villain Super Skrull to defeat the Fantastic Four and clear the way to conquer Earth, a small band of exiled Skrulls tracked down the super powered alien and drug him. They study him and copy his unique cell structure, and then leaves him for dead on a distant planet. After trying the formula on different members of their group, only one survives. After reviewing the formula again, he finds that the powers only work on a certain blood type.

The remaining Skrull travels to Earth and finds the first person with that blood type. After injecting Anthony Laman with the formula. Anthony runs away. He wakes up the next day very woozy, and stumbles around town, eventually waking up at the X-Men's Base. He enters and triggers alarms, and the X-Men come outside to check everything out.

Suddenly, Anthony seemingly exploded, and the X-Men were soundly defeated. A mile away, Anthony is lying in a field. When he comes to and wishes he was back, safe and sound, in his apartment and suddenly, in a cloud of sulfur, appears back in his home. In the course of a week, Anthony freezes his dinner, slices his couch with metal claws, flies to work, and burns an alley trash can with his eyes. His skin also starts to turn green and his ears become pointed.

One night, after he's fired from work after his co-workers start to think he's dangerous, he stumbles upon a robbery. He uses his mind to throw the thief into a trash can. Anthony flees before the police come. That day, he vows to use his powers for good and becomes the hero Ultra Skrull, the misunderstood villain.

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