The Union Arms Plasma Six-Shooter is a weapon from the Unit-N4 series.


Union Arms Plasma Six-Shooter

The Union Arms Plasma Six-Shooter is the favoured weapon of the Secret Service

The Union Arms Plasma Six-Shooter is a plasma weapon, with a design reminiscent of a revolver. It uses six small fusion generators to fire concentrated beams of heat. The bonus of using six small ones instead of one large generator is after each shot, the generator must recharge. By using six small generators, you can get six shots before the guns engines must recharge. If there were one engine, like the Union Arms Fly-Wheel Pistol, you would get one large shot that would take far longer to recharge.

The Six-Shooter, or 6S as it is often abreviated to, takes exactly 36 seconds to recharge. The Fly-Wheel took two minutes before it could be fired again.

When the trigger is pulled, it completes a circuit transferring electricity from a small battery in the handle to the fusion chambers. This heats the plasma within, causing a small reaction. The resulting burst of energy gives off heat, which is focused by a spirallying network of conducting wires in the barrel. The fusion chambers then revolve out of the way to allow the conductors access to the next generator. A drawback of the heat-beam is that, as the name might suggest, it gives off a lot of heat. This has led to users wrapping the grip with insualtive materials.

Although the fusion generators can recharge, after 2-3 years of use the gun MUST be replaced. The plasma within the generators will become unstable after the third year, and will explode when the trigger is pulled.


Union Arms Plasma Six-Shooter Advanced (1)

The 6SA is a more advanced weapon than the 6S.

The 6S is not the only form the Plasma Six-Shooter has taken on. Other makes include:

The Plasma Six-Shooter AdvancedEdit

This gun sports all the features of the original 6S, as well as a longer safety garuntee. The gun can now have it's fusion generators replaced, meaning you don't have to buy a new weapon every 2-3 years. The 6SA also has a shorter recharge time and less recoil. The fusion generators are stronger in this model as well, allowing for more deadly shots that can be changed into a continuous beam, changing the gun into a cutting tool. The 6SA also has laser sights, for a deadlier marksman (NOTE with the added extras, the 6SA is more expensive than the average 6S).

Plasma Six-Shooter Bayonet EditionEdit

Union Arms Plasma Six-Shooter Bayonet Edition (1)

The Bayonet Edition proved cumbersome and inefficient.

The Bayonet edition was a failed experiment. It was an attempt to cross combat knife with complex heat ray. The bayonet fixed onto the barrel made aiming difficult, and the narrowed barrel took a lot of the power out of each shot. In order to compensate for this, the power output had to be doubled, meaning a lot more heat in the grip. The fusion chambers lasted for only a year before the gun had to be disposed of. Production was scrapped a mere 7 months after the first one hit the shelves (NOTE the Bayonet Edition serves as an interesting piece of memorobilia. One was in the British Museum, until the notorious thief Whisper stole it).

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