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Universal Alliance for the Better of Mankind
General information

Randall Graham


Randall Graham

Notable members

Millions of

survivors of the Nuclear

bombings across the world.


Space Station Celeste


Multiple bases set across the wastes.

Historical information
Formed from




Other information

Communist-Parliamentary War

  • Communist Separatists

The Universal Alliance for the Better of Mankind is a joint alliance by many different countries in the World. After the nuclear bombs hit around the country, the survivors of important nations built, together, with Japan's technology, a large Space station that could house millions of people.

Any of the survivors were decontaminated and sent to live clean lives aboard the UABM Space Station, Celeste.


"Together, mighty ambassadors, we can bring a new start. We can clean up what they started. Who is with me?"
—101st president of the United States, Randall Graham, at the Joint Committee of Unaligned Nations.

In 2152, for Earth, life hadn't changed much. Americans drove cars. Albeit faster, much safer, and more modern, but still cars. TV had been renovated into 3 dimensions, but was still inside the actual TV. Holograms were only being used on Virtual, Artificial Intelligences (VAIs), who were becoming their own. Life quality had gone down, though, and crime had skyrocketed. For 30 years, a war raged in the East, in Russia, who was gaining help from a joint committee of Communist Nations. Alaska was part of them.

But the war hadn't spread to the United States, until December 25th, of 2152. It was a very usual Christmas day, and around the country, people were celebrating. Heavily armored bombers, a variation of MiGs, were inbound at 12:00 the night before.

Children rushed out of their homes as the MiGs, painted red, white, and green, similar to Santa Claus, dropped multiple miniature Nuclear bombs over the United States, wiping out billions of Americans.

The blast from the missiles took out most of the states, and most that survived were killed by the concurring fallout. An approximate total of 1,700,000 people survived. All soldiers in Russia were pulled out, and sent Manhattan, one of the only surviving places.

Non-communist nations were also bombed, and 1/3rd of the world's population was destroyed by New Years.

Multiple nations who didn't practice Communism sent Ambassadors to the Committee, taking themselves. All nations were fully evacuated.

The US President, Randall Graham, proposed an idea. Join the nations together, and fight back in Russia. And not only that, but Japan and most of Europe cued in the idea of a massive space station capable of housing over half of the world's population.

The US and most countries had already started, and joined their programs together to create Celeste. By 2153, Russia had bombed all of Europe, all of the United States, and all of any other countries not willing to join them.

But by 2153, most of these people were either safe from the Fallout on Earth, or in the newly modeled Celeste. Everything was the same. Chain restaurants were all around, from Red Lobsters and Chilis to the ever famous McDonalds and Starbucks.

Life was good for most who could pay the $1000 euro payment for entry. They moved into houses, suburbs, and big cities, including massive skyscrapers.

Euros became the normal currency, and banks such as Well's Fargo, (seen in Gallery) were revived into a new location.

Stores came, such as Target and Wal-Mart, Dillards, and other stores, as the world was being rebuilt, in the sky.

But some never got around to boarding, and had to find their own way out of the wastelands that the Communists caused.

Some were trapped in the literal hell that was alone and wasted. Some made fortresses out of hotels and large buildings, some made shacks for safety, and some made cities out of scrap metal. Some went criminal. Some were focused on rebuilding, and some were brutally changed by the burns or scorches from the blast. Some were scarred for life.

But other nations were forming, and while the UABM was building its comeback military, so were the Communist nations.


"We have the most technologically advanced nations with us! We are capable of ANYTHING! I should have had you shot long ago, Sarkovsky. But I will shoot you now!"
—The first civilized meeting in five years since the nuclear bombs, gone wrong.

The technology of the Alliance was improving very quickly. Canada, Britain, Japan, and multiple other nations' combined minds were taking technology to a new level.

Plasma was being developed to help produce a powerful "Laser", and many weapons were being made for the UABM Defense Force.

Not only that, but armor was being taken to the next level. Plasma at low amounts, could serve as a power source and shielding, similarly to a bulletproof coat.

For civilians, devices were being made to help everyday life. Automatons delivering newspapers, cars being able to hover and fly at a certain altitude, for faster travel, and subways that went faster than planes, allowing fast travel throughout Celeste. Armor was being made with Obsidian Duroplast, a strong device made with Obsidian.

The armor withstood the tests. A Kevlar undersuit was made, and by 2155, soldiers were engaging the low-tech Communists, with energy weapons. The Russians had invented many keen gadgets too, though, and were fighting back.


With a Parliamentary Democracy, civilized manner was appreciated. The Chief Legislator and Executive was named as Mr. Randall Graham. The government was organized on by which countries were doing the best before the Nuclear bombing. Canada was named number one by statistics and votes, the U.S. number two. Most Canadian executives took legislation, while Europeans took jobs in the Supreme Court. Crime was very scarce, but there was some.


The military of the UABM, the Universal Alliance for the Better of Mankind Defense Force, was made specifically to combat the Communist oppression. The military operated on high-quality ships, made to look cheap. But using a very durable coating of Obsidium, a mixture between Titanium, and the now popular Obsidian recovered from Japan's Last Stand was made for ship hull.

Most troops operated in sleek, white armor, with two eyeholes, similar to the design of the "Stormtrooper" armor in the Sci-fi hit, Star Wars. The armor was developed with a sleek, white, bulletproof surface, similar to the widely used Obsidian Duroplast, but using only the first compound, Duroplast F. The material didn't melt, but could be bent when heated, and hardened when cooled. The armor also utilized Plasma shielding, sealing the armor in the eyeholes and Spinal seal.

Though most armor was made like this, some, using Obsidian duroplast, was made differently. UABM Special Forces and Commandos, such as Task Force 751, used a lighter variant of the armor, produced much differently. The armor had three eyeslots going horizontally across the armor. It was a brownish color, made from the Obsidian mixing with Copper in the Duroplast G, and was much lighter, offering less protection, but more for stealth and movement. For increased protection, an actual coat of shielding was added, its source at the chest. It provided an invisible coat to protect from bullets.

Another different armor variant was the Heavy Variant. It was very similar to the Commando and normal variant at the same time, but had heavier plating, engravings on the helmet and chest, and was a gray color from the Obsidium used on it. The helmet on the armor had four slots, all facial parts protected by the Plasma. The Spinal seal was larger, offering more back protection, and the armor was created to help lift heavy weapons, such as the T3-75 Heavy Mountable Rifle.

The weaponry, such as the standarized 432 EBW, or the Commando L52 Lightning, are all energy based weapons, using the same energy principle as most armor. The Plasma transmits through a series of tubes, becoming more and more concentrated as it goes. The power of the weapon depends on the size, such as the T3-75, which has very high power, and good range, or the M72 LRR, which is a Sniper Rifle, with very good power, and very long range. The smaller the weapon, the lower the power.

Vehicles are very important. Though the military does not have the actual funds to create repulsorlift operations, they use vehicles similar to what was used before the nuke. Wheels are still common in BMPs and tanks, though Hover-plane, as seen on the Harrier jet and the Osprey are used on multiple fighters in the UABMDF, such as the B20 Troop Transport/Gunship or the F97 Kestrel, use Hovercraft technology.


Under construction.

Notable NationsEdit

  • USA
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Scotland
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Most of South America
  • Some of Africa
  • Ukraine
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Alaskan-Americans
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Russian Rebellion
  • Chinese Rebellion
  • Middle Eastern Separatists
  • Cuban Separatists


Multiple images from the UABM. (Under Construction)

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