"Titans, GO!"
—Robin, leader of the Teen Titans.

I've been concocting a nice parody of the admins here. The TEEN TITANS! But there is one problem. There are one too many girls... Can you guess which boy admin is the girl? Inactive, Earth at War... Greek? ODDY! LOL! Because he was inactive, he got Starfire! Anyways... Here it is.

A TitansGO


Robin: As Robin, the leader of the Titans, we have myself, EliteMaster117. I am your leader, and I am an expert at throwing things, I also fit his personality, tho not really, lol.

Raven: As Raven we have SheWhoKnows. She is dark, gloomy, and sometimes aggressive, but overall, a great person.

Cyborg: As Cyborg, we have Baracuss. No, he's not black. But he is loud, and... often outbursts random things. "Sometimes," for you insiders who know the joke, and he is also a very cheerful, and somewhat brutal, (in a good way) person. Who often... Laughs? Yeah. He laughs a lot.

Beast Boy: As Beast Boy, we have Sith Venator. He is random, funny sometimes, and is obsessed with video games, and maybe TV, like Beast Boy.

Starfire: Since there is no more boys in the Titans, and Oddy is mostly inactive, I give him, Starfire. Calm, collected, sincere, and... NOT A GIRL! Lol.

These are the Titans, the Teen Titans. and WE ARE THEM! Rejoice with a little memoir to the canceled Titans, which I voted to bring back: THE TEEN TITANS THEME SONG!

thumb|center|TITANS, TOGETHER!

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