So, my first delve into wikia has led me to realize that with summer here, nobody does anything. This is because most people have lives. You might say, "Ishmael, you haven't posted in a while either." I will say: "I work two jobs, gimme a break." And so now I am firing my first Bloglazor. This sight is about superheroes, and how much they are loved. The only heroes I can connect with are the ones that are just human, like, say, The Punisher. I dig on The Punisher. And Samurai Jack. That guy is a champ. What about the recent post by XG? Shit is pretty tight, it just reminds me of anime. What is it about super heroes such as the famous man of steel (Whom I hate) the ones that seem impenatrable. Batman, there is a badass. Just some rich punk who decides to not be a punk, and instead of donating to charity like a great big vagina *cough* Bill Gates *Cough* he uses his money to fund his little one man army. Who works with him? His butler. That is just how metal he is. But nobody beats The Punisher, not even <Insert name of girlfriends father here>. What do you guys think?

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