Sure the "Oasis" theme sucks, but that's why you can change it. See up there in the right hand corner? Where your handle and the little icon is? Oh, I know it's just adorable, but stop sighing and batting your eyelashes for a moment and bear with me: in the drop menu from there, you can access your preferences. In there, is a small box with how you view your little window on our world here. It's go two little check boxes:

  • "New Wiki Look"
  • "Monobox"

If you click "Monobox", guess what? YOU GO BACK TO HOW THIS SHIT USED TO LOOK! Amazing right? I know I am, but let's continue:

If you do change it, it's a little more bland than it used to be, and it's just as much of a bitch to navigate. Honestly, I'm giving a little credit to the new theme. It's a little bit easier to navigate, what with the little buttons and the drop down menus. Stop, seriously, the sparkles in your eyes are blinding me, and it's hard to type blind... If you go back to the old version, it's a little more difficult, and it's a blinding array of white and white and, oh yes, more white. That hurts my eyes almost as much as this much white does. It hurts a lot.


Dan's going to college, and is addicted to DeviantArt. Go figure. He probably won't be back, since he can't even run his own wiki.

Eve is... I don't even want to get into it. No, we are no longer getting married. No, she isn't coming back to the wiki. You want to find her, be my guest, she's also on DeviantArt. Chased me damned near completely off of it.

I am... Here, and you like it. Or maybe you don't. If your opinion falls in the latter, you are correct. :P


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