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Earth at War enters on Pre-Alpha Stage

This is a proposal to enter to the project Earth at War, a project of OS53 and Sith Venator that officially enters in pre-alpha stage of development. In this stage, the basic pages of the project are still being constructed and much of its plot is missing. Because it is progressing slowly, I ask from the editors of the Superfanon wiki to join in this project and help it grow. Despite being and open project for everyone, you must ask the author before making an article and anauthorised articles will be deleted. You will usually be given certain articles to make and develop. You can always tell your ideas for the project, no matter how silly they look like. Sign below to participate and comment below if you don't like something. If you have a question, write it in the section below.--Odysseas-Spartan53 13:16, 5 July 2009 (UTC)

Sign here to participate

I may be very busy, but quality editing with old friends beat new pages at another wiki anyday =D

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...


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