Our current members that are the most active,(Discluding Ody).


  • As the Rookie we have me:"Sometimes it comes in handy to be the strong silent type."
  • As Taylor H. "Dutch" Miles we have PsykoReaper:Just kinda just placed there because he kinda seems explosive like.
  • As Kojo "Romeo" Agu we have Baracuss:He kinda acts like he is the best thing the world has to offer (In roleplaying).
  • As Michael "Mickey" Crespo we have Odysseas-spartan-53:He seems like he likes to get the job done with the weapon they know can do it.
  • As Veronica Dare we have SheWhoKnows:Kinda secretive and doesn't take crap.
  • Finally as Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck we have ElteMaster117:He's the Leader of this squad and always treats it with the respect and teamwork it needs.

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