I do realize that the RP: Post Apocalyptia is still around, but it's about time that we got a new one. I have rounded up some RP Ideas for you to vote on! Hopefully we get some good votes...or some good, brand-new ideas!

The Contenders :

RP: War of the Superhumans (An RP featuring superhumans being persecuted for their ways)

RP: The Battle of Mars (An RP featuring Solders of Fortune journeying to Mars to fight a war against the Makata)

RP: Post Apocalyptia II (A sequel to the hit RP featuring Superheroes and the World rebuilding after the deadly invasion by the Makata)

Feel free to submit your own ideas or vote on the default ones!

Pictures for RPs:


A destroyed part of a city due to superhuman battles. (RP: War of the Superhumans)

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