In the past few months, Superhero Fanon has been degraded to a mere ghost town. Only a select few of the admins (Eve, Dan, Me, etc.) have been keeping an eye on the wiki. We really need to get this wiki back in order like it was before. (Before you say any sarcastic comment, I haven't been around here as long as the others, so I wouldn't even know what the wiki was like years ago.)

BUT, we need to get this wiki back into shape and have more users on our SHF team. I'm not trying to make it sound like a low-budget factory with no workers, but that's basically what it has come down to. I've also noticed that a LOT of the old users (Darthfish, etc.) haven't been around in a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG while.

Let's try and get this wiki back to normal, people.

I.E. - Yes, I know people have lives. You can save those comments for a later time, but the enthusiastic admins should understand why we weren't in the Wiki Spotlight...

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