The Valeamus are the result of the drug, N-H377 or other N-H prototypes, which causes biological mutations in the body and brain causing powers. These mutations where rather synthetic then natural, as a result of that powers from the Valeamus are very juvenile and uncontrollable, many must be excluded from the public until the body can withstand the physical change. Since it's creation in 1998 there have been a rapid amount of newly empowered Valeamus mutants, many the result of goverment-issued soldiers and volunteers that have been injected, while others have rather stolen and injected themselves with it.

Description Edit

Consisting of both Heroes and Villains, they are all diverse, except in there armor and weapons. Many use both their powers and firearms to fight, and don't have the moral absolute of not killing, also their "uniforms" do not consists of the tights of Heroes, but rather bullet-proof and ballistic armor. They are also known to be the majority of tech/weapon buyers for P.O.W.E.R. Co., a supplier of ability enhancers and high-tech firearms and cold weapons. Their powers are reflected off their personaility, though powers don't change like personailities. Unlike born-mutants powers may overwhelm their users, excessive use may degrade the mind causing it to splinter leading to schizophrenia, paranoia, delusions, peronality disorder (etc.)

Known Valeamus Mutants Edit

Feel free to add your own.

Daniel Ash

Doctor Eziekiel Stanton

Alex Aves

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