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Vanquish, his real name, Terrence Barret, is a natural superhero affiliated with the Legion of Vigilance. He could be called an acrobat, or an Olympian, due to his extreme physical limits. Although he has no powers, Vanquish is tremendously fit. He could have survived jumping off the Chrysler Building, not because of strength, but because of the fact, that if he rolled over just as he hit the ground, the force of the impact would be equalized around his body, causing him only minor bruises. He held the rank for holding a pole while on his side, as if a flag, for approximately three minutes. His fitness is compared to that of Captain America's, due to the augmentations his father used to experiment on him.

A Deady

Vanquish, at the age of twenty.

Destroying Your OwnEdit

After twelve years of being experimented on by his rich, and mad stepfather, whom his mother only married for his money. At the age of fifteen, Vanquish escaped his father's "conveyor belt", and struck him in the head with a hammer. His father beat him as much as he could, but Vanquish was just too strong. In retrospect, Vanquish thought of this as a backwards Frankenstein. To end the battle, Vanquish grabbed a .9 needle, and stabbed the man in the shoulder with it. The needle, made out of Adamantium, had been used to turn Vanquish's skeleton into Adamantium. The needle had been so hard, it had pierced through the man's shoulder and 3 inches into the wall. Vanquish then went up to his garage, and brought gasoline, and a match down into the laboratory. Putting a circle of gasoline around the man, then leading a trail of it up the stairs and into the doorway of the house, located in the center of a desert. Vanquish got into his father's Ferrari, and lit the match. Vanquish drove off. In five minutes, a large explosion coming from the house. It was alleged that Vanquish's father was killed, but it is not the truth. His father was burned, his face highly disfigured, he then became known as, Burngazer.