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"Breaking through the bonds that hold us down, what am I to do while the world around me crumbles into the dust?"
—Velarious, after escaping incarceration
Created By:
Origin: Deep Magic
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Created
Age: Confidential
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 265 lbs.
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Warrior
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

The Story So FarEdit

Once, the stars were not right, and the old one slept. When the destroyer awoke on the eve of 2021, the world burned. The Elder Things, in their attempts to destroy the great Cthulhu, began to use their own creations, the race of humanity, as weapons to destroy the beast that they had so long sought to destroy, making their rule complete. The humans, with all of their moral flaws, turned on their creators, and the Elder Things began to control the lower form of Earth with their minions, the Shoggoth.

Many of the humans created for the destruction of Cthulhu and his minions became rebelious. Velarious was a general in many of the battles of the R'leh wars, and a profoundly feirce warrior. Created for the sole purpose of destroying, and leading, he questioned his place in the world, moreso than the humans that had recently discovered of their creators. When the war was ended, the Great Destroyer leaving his own children to face the wrath of the vicious human rebel super-humans, Velarious was given The British Isles to rule when the Elder Things took their place as masters and creators of Lower Earth. Velarious served his people well, but was true to the things that created him.

When Velarious was given the task of rasing a city to the ground due to their discontent for their new masters, he refused. He was immediateley stripped of his rank and was branded as a traitor, but the Elder things were unable to contain him, or end his life. He escaped from their dungeons, and made his way back onto the plane that existed for the mundane.

He began to search the world for answers, sticking to the shadows, until he came in contact with a fiction writer from two hundred years previous, who had predicted and envisioned many of the things that had happened thus far. Consumed by this prophet Lovecraft, he searched deeper, until finding a collection of (supposedly) fiction books, all bearing the same name, and message, The Necronomicon. Velarious became enraptured, and followed the journeys of the Abdul Al'hazred, tracing his footsteps through the deserts of Yemen, until ending his journey in Damascus, a place the great Necromancer had not actually been.

Following in that character's footsteps, Velarious became a great necromancer, and planned a great war to end the suffering of the people he had so long fought for...


Velarious has many powers due to the nature of his creation, but due to his adventures after escaping, he gained a few more.

The powers of the Created~

Elder Sight - The Created were given the ability to see the planes that the Elder Things controlled, furthering their abilities to communicate with their masters.

Elder Step - They were also given the ability to move freely between these different dimmensions. This could be used as a weapon?

Limited Restriction - The physics of the Lower Plane of Earth do not apply as much to The Created

Extreme regeneration - While the Elder Things could not create anything immortal, nor did they want to, they gave the Created the ability to regenerate almost any laceration, tissue loss, or bone break within an hour.

The Weapon of The Created - The first line. Velarious, and any of the created have the ability to create "plane shards", tiny glitches of a new world that exists only temporarily. Used as a portal, it rips peices of any plane, and sends them into something that is soon not to exist. Used as a shield, he can create a plane that is untouchable by the oustide worlds, thus blocking damned near anything, save another portal.

The powers of the wanderer~

Second Sight - Learned from the Necronomicon. After Finding himself in a cave in the desert, he ran across the glowing spiders that granted humans the ability to percieve beings such as ghouls. The Elder Things not creating Earth itself, they were not connected to the destructive creatures that lay on yet another plane.

Expounded Knowledge - While this may not be a power persay, it is relevant. Within the Necronomicon, a place called Eden, where the first humans, and the most primitive humans left to exist did so, there was mention of a throne of infinite knowledge, topped by a large crystal that seemed to power the chair when struck by the early morning sun. It was contained within the volume that he carried with him that one could learn everything that could possibly learned by sitting on the throne for one year's time. Velarious made it a month before he realized the folly of wanting to know everything without experiance.

Necrokenisis - The visit to Egypt, guided by the Necronomicon, found him in the base of the Sphinx, burning down bodies for the essential salts, and battling the mages summoned single handedly. This gave him the information needed to raise the dead without the need for the alchemical processes.

The Beast of the Pit - One creature sighted in the Necronomicon was a being that consumed souls, being of seven heads, the middle of which was a portal for the contained souls to be tormented by the world they could not enter again. The Beast was known to fly out of his pit at night to a flattened mountaintop where a flower existed that could be used to heal even dismembered limbs back to their original state. Velarious obviously didn't need them. Abdul Al'hazred mentioned using the Elder Sign to keep the beast at bay while he communicated with the evacuated souls. Velarious tamed it to be used as a mount.

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