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The Vigilante is the main transport for the crew and members of the LoV. It is a massive airship, or blimp, created to house more than 100 members of crew. It was designed by the LoV superhero, Zero, and is currently piloted by Metalhead. The legion's leader, Wonder, takes command of the ship. It was designed for class, and strength, making it one of the fastest and strongest airships in the world, going faster than an F-22 Raptor jet. It has the arms of about twenty gunboats, holding a total of twenty different missile types, (100 in all) eighteen different types of Gatling/machine/LASER weapons, (350 total) and heavy armor. The ship cost more than $780,000,000, all put in by the government, and every superhero that was part of the group at that time. The airship is also airtight, and can go into outer space, using a hidden energy thruster. This contradicts the fact that it is an airship. It also houses the MS0879 Heavy Attack Vehicle/CRAW, and ten J32 SKYLINE Fighters.

A Legionship

The airship in the sunset.