Vipera is VIPER's greatest espionage agent

Skylar Blake grew up in Langley, Virginia as a normal girl, originally. Growing up, she wanted to be an actress, and even appeared in some local commercials as a child. However, when she hit her teenage years, she found she could talk to snakes, revealing she was a metahuman, a human being born with unique abilities far beyond regular people.

She discovered through concentration, she could maintain her link with snakes, for long periods of time. She also accidentally discovered that she could spit poison.

While in college, a recruiter from the spy agency discovered her abilities, and convinced her she could use her powers to serve her country as a secret agent. After being told she could use her skills in undercover operations, she agreed to join.

Then on an espionage mission she was captured by VIPER and about a few hours later through mental and physical abuse she was broken and Skylar Blake was gone And Vipera Was Born!