Cleptsii II
Created By: Awesomekid120
Origin: From the planet Jaloi
Personal Data
Real Name: Jabieko VII
Known Aliases: Andrew Baker
Species: Quatonaien/Jaloien
Age: 16
Height: 5'10 (In Human form), 6'10 (In Jaloien]]
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Earth Citizen
Occupation: High School
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Dating Superior Girl
Known Relatives: Cleptsii (Father), Kathalonda II (Mother), Jabieko VI (grandfather), Theodore Baker (descendant)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Virtus or his birth name Jabieko VII or his adopted name Andrew Baker is a half Quatonaien half Jaloien hybrid and is the son of the super hero Superior Man and Jaloien princess Kathalonda II. And is on the team Teen Legacy


Early Life.Edit

Baby Jabieko VII

Baby Jabieko VII being sent away

During the Quatonaien-Jaloien War, the Quatonaien Cleptsii was captured and imprisoned by the Jaloien guards. But the princess: Kathalonda II, freed him from his prison and as gratitude, he slept with her and left the next day. 2 weeks later, Kathalonda II realized she was late and then found out she was pregnant and the daughter of a man with honour and knew he would never approve of her carrying a half breed child especially with a species their kind was at war with, 9 Months later Kathalonda II gave birth to her son and named Jabieko VII soon after she sent him to Earth with the only person she trusted to teach him the ways of life which was her close friend and maid Jaila.


Cleptsii's son

Jabieko VII as a teen.

Due to his species shapeshiftng and adaptation abilities the baby Jabieko VII shapeshifted into a Human appearence of a baby as soon as he came into contact with Earth's atmosphere, Jaila adopted the name Katie Baker and gave an Earth name to Jabieko VII, which was Andrew "Andy" Baker Jila raised Andy and called him her son. In Andy's teen years he was massively popular on the school football team due to Andy being part Quatonaien and Earth's atmosphere giving Andy super strength, he was also a bit of a womanizer. While on a date with his latest victim of heartbreak, his powers first manifested
Jabieko VII's powers

Jabieko VII's powers manifest showing his true form

, Andy's date then left him and the police were called, Andy fought them off but then he saw time stopped and saw that a boy in a ridiculous costume, the boy introduced himself as Statik and explains he is forming a team of teenage superheroes who are discovering their powers and can help eachother get through it, Andy agreed and told his "mother" he would be leaving for awhile with his friends.

Teen LegacyEdit

After agreeing to joining the team, all the members agreed on a name: they named themselves after the superhero team Legacy and called themselves the Teen Legacy. The young boy eventually started dating his fellow teammate and species Superior Girl or Olive Blue. After a few months of being on the team, his "mother" told him that she wasn't his mother and that he was not a mutant but they were both aliens from Jaloi and that his father was Superior Man and his mother was Kathalonda II. Enraged Andy cut ties with his fake mother, soon after Statik told him that he was his descendant, so now that Andy knew everyone was lying to him decided to leave the team and search for any ties to his past due to his father going missing. 1 Year later he finally met his father who had previously retired from being a superhero. Andy asked for advice from his father, that if he should return to his old team or not and 
Cleptsii meeting Jabieko VII

Cleptsii discovering of Jaieko VII's existence.

Cleptsii told him to follow his heart and so Andy kept contact with his father but left and rejoined the team.


Andy continued to stay on the team for many years until eventually the group became adults and renamed themselves The New Legacy, in the future Andy used his shape shifting powers to become the new Superior Man
Jabieko VII, the new Superior Man

Jaieko VII as Superior Man


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