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Sergeant Dagger is a British-American Marine in the Heaven Ops in the IPPP. He is recognized by his demonic skull symbol and mask.


Sgt. Dagger was born as Walter Wilkins. He is of British descent. His hometown is Madison, WI, and he planned to bring his girlfriend from London to Madison before the terrorist attack in England.


When Dagger first joined Heaven Ops, it was on such short notice, that there were few supplies that could be spared for him. He only had a standard body suit and a SCAR. Later on, Dagger bought a Uzi submachine gun from the black market. He sculpted a custom demonic skull mask.

Early LifeEdit

Walter preparing to visit his girlfriend in England when terrorists attack England. After a brief phone call from his terrified girlfriend, he lost contact with her and the rest of England. Walter went to search London for his girlfriends, with his friend Ben, only to find her dead. London had been destroyed by terrorists. Moments later, the terrorists return and Walter and Ben hide with SAS soldiers in the cellar of a candy store. Walter and Ben are rescued by Heaven Ops Marines and were taken to their base camp. He asked to join the Green Marines, and because he was already enlisted in the US Army, he was able to be transferred to Heaven Ops.

Heaven OpsEdit

Seeking revenge on the terrorists, Walter joined the Green Marines under the name Dagger. He designed a demonic skull symbol, which later became his face mask design and badge.

Early OperationsEdit

Dagger was placed in a trench camp in England to fend off the terrorist forces. The trench crew spotted terrorist trucks, and attacked them. Dagger pursued an escaped terrorist prisoner to a terrorist base. There, he and his squad broke in and killed all the men.

End of the WarEdit

Dagger was placed in Stone Squad, Ray Company. Dagger participated on the assault on the terrorist headquarter ship and set the charges that blew it up. When Dagger met up with his squad, the charges blew prematurely, and they had to evacuate quickly. As they prepared to board the rescue helicopter, an explosion cut them off, and were force to jump ship as the ship sank. They were rescued by a seaplane.

Infection OutbreakEdit

Before the terrorist ship sank, the terrorists fired a missile that broke into several smaller rockets that landed around the US. The rockets released a toxic virus that turned the bomb squad into brain-dead zombies. Dagger was given command over his own squad, Cougar Squad, and was sent to stop the infection from spreading, with assistant from Ivyweed and Hup.

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