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Warez Wolf
Created by:
Origin: Supernatural
Category: Melee
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Jimmy Juarez, Jr
Known Aliases: Juarez Wolf
Species: Human (Lycanthrope)
Age: 25
Height: 1.65m (normal) 1.97m (Werewolf)
Weight: NA
Eye Colour: Brown/Red
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: Destructors
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jessie Juarez (younger sister)
Known Powers
Shapeshifiting into werewolf form granting superhuman strength, stamina and agility, claws and exceptional senses
Training / Abilities
Maintains a large illegal pirate software site

By day the maintainer of one of the nations biggest pirate software repositories, Jimmy Juarez Jr is able to shapeshift into the feral Warez Wolf, a half-man, half-beast super criminal.


Jimmy Juarez Jr’s early life was not the easiest of times; already from a poor family, he and his younger sister, Jessie were orphaned in the destruction of Detroit. Raised by relatives, Jimmy turned to a life of petty crime, feeling angered at “the man” who had taken everything from him and his family. To his mind, it was better to steal to get what you waned then to work for someone who would just take it all anyway.

Things changed for him on his 17th birthday when his abilities first manifested. Jimmy found that he was a werewolf, able to assume a bestial form at will. After experimenting with is newfound abilities, he decided to move up in the world, engaging in more bold and brazen robberies then ever before. This time around, though, he had a plan.

Using his ill-gotten gains he set himself up as the overlord of a dedicated illegal file haring community, being determined to “stick it to the man” through robbing companies of their income. However, he found that it simply wasn’t as fun as running around the city as a wolfman; pretty soon, he was back on the streets, this time under the joking nickname of “Warez Wolf”.

This crime wave was fuelled less by any goals or ideals and more by a desire to sate the bloodlust that his wolf form exhibited. Eager for battle, he would wade into action, doing whatever he needed to attract attention, then beat up whoever came along. This garnered him some extra attention; he was discovered by Defenestrator X who liked his idea of mindless violence so much that he offered Warez Wolf a place in the Destructors, is own team.


Not possessed of any innate powers in his normal human form, Jimmy Juarez however gains a range of abilities when transformed into Warez Wolf. First and foremost, Warez Wolf is superhumanly strong as well as possessing considerable agility and stamina. His hide is also rather thick, making him somewhat resistant to injury. In this form, he grows powerful claws, allowing him to slice into all but the most well-armoured of foes. Finally, his senses are enhanced well beyond the human norm, especially his hearing and smell.

His transformed form does have several drawbacks, however. In this form, he becomes somewhat bloodthirsty and prone to berserker rages. Under this state, he tends to lash out at whatever is near him, becoming impossible to control. While he is yet to attack his team mates while in this mindset, some feel that it is just a matter of time. Additionally, he exhibits the traditional Werewolf vulnerability to silver, suggesting that his powers are indeed mystical in origin.


Jimmy believes is “sticking it to the man” in any way possible; he feels that big corporations and rich people are inherently bad and oppressing the “little people” like himself. His motivation for running his file repository comes form this belief; by depriving big companies of their income, he is somehow sticking up for the common man against their greedy oppression, or something.

This philosophy extends further into his supervillain identity. As Warez Wolf, he is a determined career criminal, one who spends most of his time robbing from the rich and giving to himself. However, even that is tempered by a more feral and bestial side to his nature, one that he often gives into in the heat of battle.

His one weakness is his younger sister, Jessie Juarez. An avid fan of Warez Wolf, she is completely unaware that her brother and her idol are one and the same. That she spends her spare time writing fanfics that usually involve Warez Wolf falling in love with other male sueprvillains only adds a somewhat disturbing undercurrent to this misplaced admiration. He is also unaware of her dual life as a superviallin, nor of the fact that she has been draining his bank account to fund it.


Jimmy Juarez Jr is a slim young man in his early 20s with vaguely handsome features, but is for the most part rather nondescript. His attire is usually casual, with his shirt usually sporting an internet meme of the day.

As Warez Wolf, he is a bestial humanoid with vaguely doglike features. Dark skinned, he is covered in black fur with clawed hands and feet, prominent fangs and a long tail. He wears a red leather jacket and black leather pants, but no shoes or shirt.

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