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A TheCityisraining
"It looks like there's a storm coming..."
Created By: EliteMaster117
Origin: Struck by Black Lightning, given unbelievable powers.
Personal Data
Real Name: Lost in history.
Known Aliases: Weatherknight, (post incident) The Blue Knight (pre incident)
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'11
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Bluish Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known.
Known Powers
Immortality, Invulnerabilty, can control the weather.
Known Abilities
Expert in Martial Arts.
Was born in Medieval Times. Experienced a strange phenomenon, then died, and awoke 3,000 years later.

Weatherknight, his true name lost in history, was once a human in Medieval times. He was struck by the sacred black lightning, and granted the powers to control the weather. He became immortal, and watched, as his allies died off. Weatherknight, upon reaching the 2000s, created a suit out of the wind. With this he bacame WEATHERKNIGHT, protector of Mother Nature's strongest force. Weather.

Affiliations :

Weatherknight is the founder of the second generation, Legion of Vigilance, and rules on with a few original members, and new members.

Personality :

Weatherknight has been described as, complex, and very blunt, always showing his true feelings without ado.

Weatherknight is very rough to evildoers, and often uses the most harsh of methods to get what he wants out of them. Weatherknight was once a very nieve, and sensitive man, until he became a Knight. When he got struck by the Black Lightning, his skin color changed to black, and he became very rough. Do to outliving every man on the Earth, he has gained unfathomable amounts of knowledge about history. Weatherknight can be very much like he was before becoming a Knight, but only to those he trusts, like Seraph, Subzero, Neutron, and Broken Edge, the only survivors in the LoV of Amalgam's apocalypse.

History :
Before the Knight :

In Medieval Times, a man, who's name was lost in history, became a Knight. Known as the Blue Knight for his favorite color, blue, and the fact he would always incorporate it into his armor. The Blue Knight was always the best Knight inn his squadron. He would always win Jousts, always be the lead Knight, but would never do bad. That was in fact, his motto, and his last words as a normal man to anyone.

The Black Lightning :
Oh the Black Lightning struck, oh it did, oh it did! And it killed the poor old Blue Knight, but not his will beneath!

The Blue Knight went off alone one stormy day, to settle matters with another castle. On his way there, the storm picked up, and the skies turned blue again. The clouds turned white, but the storm struck at its strongest. The Blue Knight feared nothing, and kept going. The clouds suddenly turned blue, the sky black... The storm was beginning to become a hurricane. The Blue Knight kept going. The lightning struck often, and it was all right around him. The Blue Knight kept going...

About 3/4ths into his trip, a strike of lightning hit his horse. The horse was killed instantly. The Blue Knight got up and ran, but he was going no where, he kept arriving at the same tree, the castle always the same distance away. A fog layer was taking him backwards, he'd go through the fog, and come back to where he started. That is when he finally gave up. He waited for days for the storm to cease. But it didn't. Then it happened. Another strike of lightning hit the knight right in the eye. The black lightning. It blew The Blue Knight into oblivion, but his will remained.

A Hero Emerges :
3,000 Years Later

The Blue Knight arose. His skin black. His hair a bluish shade of black. His eyes glowed of a very light blue, a shape around one of them where the lightning had struck. He looked around, the world wasn't the same. He was surrounded by hundreds of people, and in the middle of a concrete jungle. He looked around. He found no sign of his kingdom.

After three months, The Blue Knight knew where he was, and his powers to control the weather. Weatherknight, he called himself, he gained himself a costume, and a name. He became a hero, and found Broken Edge, one similar to him. Broken Edge couldn't talk in English, so Neutron translated for him. He also met Seraph and Subzero, two other heroes, who told him about the MA War. Together the five formed the new Legion of Vigilance, and a new day for the LoV. Without Wonder, or any other of the old members except the surviving four, and Weatherknight.

They became, The Legion of Vigilance.

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