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This is a violent and gruesome superhero who is posted in Sanctuary, USA.

The Werewolf
Created by:
Origin: Mystical
Category: Superhero
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Andy Burns
Known Aliases: The Beast, The Creature, The Monster
Species: Human (Caucasian), Lycan
Age: 14
Height: (Human) 5'11 feet (Werewolf) 12'4 feet
Weight: (Human) 180 pounds (Werewolf) 647 pounds
Eye Colour: (Human) Blue (Werewolf) Red
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Sanctuary
Affiliation: Neutral
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Andre Burns (Father), Maria Burns (Mother), Sandra (Sister)
Known Powers
(Human) None (Werewolf) Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Agility, Super Indurance, Gains power from the moon
Training / Abilities
Can transform into a werewolf when under stress like fear or in danger
Stress watch, A hunting knife
Based partially on a mystical Hulk

Appearence Edit

He has pale skin, short black lanky hair, small lips, a button nose, a skinny build, and blue eyes. He has a weak smile, sad eyes, and always has a cautious look.

He often wears a black wifebeater, a light tan pair of shorts with a bunch of pockets, black shoes and grey socks, and oval glasses.

His werewolf form has black fur, a slight muscular build, sharp gnarly teeth, black claws, red glowing eyes, long arms, and a large mane on his back.

His clothes stay the same, except for the shoes and the glasses, which fall off or get ripped off.

Personality Edit

He is a nice boy, if a little emotional. He gets sad, happy, angry, and scared very easily, but not at the same time. He is very loving, some say he falls in love to easy. He always thinks of things a boy his age usually thinks.

His werewolf form has a different personality, he doesn't always talks, yet his voice is dark and growly. He is an aggressive creature, ready to slash the throat of any foe. He also has a high sexual drive, always going after female humans that are appealing to him, when in stressful times.

The werewolf is a killing machine, and will not hesitate to kill a foe, and will then proceed to devour his foes, he will kill even a simple pickpocket.

Andy is deathly afraid of his werewolf form, as he claims it is a monster, and it must be destroyed, by finding a possible cure against this curse...

History Edit

He was born in Moscow, Idaho and was born to industrial worker, Andre Burns, and Maria Burns, a doctor. He also had a little sister, her name was Sandra Burns, she was a cute girl that Andy was protective of her greatly.

When he was twelve, he and his family were attacked by a lone werewolf. He killed his parents and attacked him, scarring him. When he woke up a week later, he found out that his sister was missing.

After a week, he lived in a foster family. He turned into a werewolf when a bunch of bullies cornered him and stabbed him with a knife, he completely ripped them apart, blood everywhere...

He then decided to wander the world, trying to find the cure for the werewolf curse, running away from home...

Powers and Abilities Edit

Werewolf Form: He transforms into a werewolf when hit with stressful problems, like in danger or afraid, or when the sun has gone down. He has a multitude of powers based on werewolf mythology.

  • Super Strength: His form has the strength to lift a whole semi-truck. It can also rip titanium in half. Compared to other werewolves, it is the strongest.
  • Super Speed: He can catch a speeding car in all fours, he is faster than an olympic sprinter on his feet.
  • Super Agility: He is greatly flexable, able to dodge like a kung fu master.
  • Super Jumping: He is able to jump at the height of 85 feet and the length of 115 feet.
  • Super Indurance: He is able to withstand a train and only get a sprain.
  • Invulnurability: He is able to survive all forms of attacks, except for those of his weakness...
  • Super Healing: He is able to heal almost instantly from all attacks, like bullets, his holes will heal up instantly.
  • Weakness to Silver: He is unable to heal from weapons of silver nature for a few hours, a shot in a vital spot will kill him. He also cannot break silver, and touching it will feel like burning metal. This is all negated when the moon is up, no matter what cycle it is on.
  • Claws and Teeth: His claws and teeth are incredibly durable, able to bit and claw through metal.
  • Lunar Energy Absorbtion: When the moon is up, he can absorb it's light energy, becoming more powerful and will become immune to silver. His strength can lift a house, his speed goes to 300 miles per hour, and becomes indestructible. His power increase from none to full, full is when he is strongest.

Enemies Edit

He has his own rogue's gallery of where he takes down criminals in Sanctuary.

  1. Lycaon: He is a powerful vampiric crime boss who has Werefolk Envy.
  2. The Jackal: A serial killing werejackal who is always on the warpath as the Werewolf.
  3. Baron Hellmouth: He is not truly considered an enemy, but not considered an ally either.
  4. Fatman: An enforcer of Lycaon with super strength and an indestructible layer of fat.
  5. Bone-Head: He is another enforcer of Lycaon with bone powers.
  6. Dump: A creature made of garbage that only thinks of eating.
  7. Sasuke: A ninja thief who is incredible in ninjutsu who wields murasame the dark sword.

Semi Ally Edit

The protagonist will later meet some of this character that has same goal to protect the people in Sanctuary.

  1. Gabriel von cruz: He is well trained vampire hunter who wields legendary gauntlet that has holy essence.He also possesses great strength through the gauntlet named Godhand that later he discover that it has a spirit within.The spirit within the gauntlet is called the Vanquisher of evil.It can speak to Gabriel through his mind.
  2. Aaron James: The Master of Dexterity thus making him accurate of throwing knives in any way he can.He also use spear that can penetrate even thick steel.He has a familiar that always stay by him it is called bastet who was found in the depths of catacomb in egypt.Bastet was a cute cat that transform in avatar of goddess cat.He is from philippines.

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