Whisper is a character from the Unit-N4 series.


Whisper (1)

Silent, Agile, Deadly: Whisper is a perfect thief.

Whisper was born in London, 10 years after the start of WW3. She was born without vocal cords, leaving her completely mute. Whisper learned to communicate through sign language, though fund making friends difficult due to their mockery of her condition. To cope with her disability, Whisper took up ballet. She became incredibly fit and able to move quickly and silently. As well as this, she took up boxing and became a proficient fighter, preferring to outmanouvre her opponent before finishing her off.

Growing up in a poor family, Whisper was forced to turn to crime. She began jsut stealing food from houses or looting bombed buildings, but eventually turned to organized crime. Joining a team of theives known as the Klepto Crew, she made a name for herself breaking into bank vaults while the rest of her team held up the cashiers. One day though, The Crow was in the area and overcame the rest of her gang. Deciding to cut her losses and run, she fled out of the vault with a bag full of money. Escaping into a London Underground tunnel, she fled along the tracks. However, she was unaware that the money she had stolen belonged to the Secret Service, and among it was their financial records.

Within minutes, three Agents were following her, as well as The Crow and Mr E, who needed the records to further his investigation. The Agents attacked Whisper, and easily outmatched her. It was only the arrival of Mr E and The Crow that saved her. E took the records and left her to The Crow. He let her go, statig "You owe me for this". And Whisper never forgets a debt.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Whisper is a talented ballerina and as such is extremely fit. She is also very agile and able to move completely silently. She also boxes and, due to her small stature, prefers to use her agility rather than brute force. Whisper is able to fit into small hiding places and would rather use stealth to bring down an opponent than a head on showdown. Whisper has an acute sense of balance, allowing her to hide high up, where nobody would look. She wears a pair of metal vambraces to protect her forearms when she has her arms raised in defence. Whispers boots were designed to make as little noise as possible with each step, the design of her costumed based of of her ballet gear. She also carries a Plasma Six-Shooter Bayonet, allowing for long and short ranged combat.


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