17 year old Wesly Lyt was born in Detroit to an ailing heavyweight famous boxer Winston "The Wind" Lyt and a socialite mother Mrs. Wendy Qwan, when his father died 12 hours after a championship fight of a drug overdose (he was always "smart" with his dosage), Wesly began to train in his father's image at age 13. On the anniversary of his father's death, their house was broken into, his mother was raped, and a young man shot Wesly in the heart at point blank range. Wesly awoke in what appeared to be Heaven and spoke to the bright shining image of God who told him to he needed to go back and right the wrongs. He awoke a minute later in a healing room within a shaolin temple and spoke to the Elder placed in his care about his expirence who explained to Wesly that his previous life is no more, his mother was kidnapped by a mysterious group and his estate burnt to the ground. Enraged by the news, Wesly spent 3 years training with his Elder whose name meant The Lost Guide and learned the art of stealth, interrogation, and speed. Halfway through his training he gained a girlfriend at the temple named An Li, in addition to a group of powers, after his training his Elder awarded him the white ninja suit of Mr. Lyt his previous student and Wesly's father. As soon as he wears the suit, their temple is attacked by the Blak Drakonz the same group who went after Wesly's family and this time killing Elder and An. As the last ninja of The Temple Wesly names himself the White Light and goes on a revenge mission to hunt down the Blak Drakonz, and journeys to Shang High on a tip and encounters a Blak Ninja whom he easily dispatches, yet 2 others arrive and barely manage to subdue him before taking him captive. Somewhere Unknown Wesly comes to in a large cavern chained to 2 adjecent posts and comes face to face with his family's destroyer Mr. Blak, his father's championship opponent and killer. After going into a long monologue about his and Wesly's pasts Mr. Blak begins to torture him by manipulating the shadows around Wesly to form shadow-like knives slicing and cutting him subtly revealing strands of light under his skin. After Mr. Blak makes an incredibly offensive joke about Wesly's mom, Wesly uses his anger to unleash a brilliant flash of white light seriously wounding Mr. Blak and breaks free of his restraints and begins to pound on him then using Heat Generation he begins to melt some of Mr. Blak's skin off. God speaks to Wes as he is about to unleash the fatal blow giving him an ultimatum: if he kills Mr. Blak Wesly will be stripped of his powers and mortality and sent to an even worse punishment than the lake of fire, but if he lives, Blak live for all eternity with the life he has led and his powers will become inverted and feed off Blak's shadow of a soul. Wesly chooses the latter and walks off into the darkness.


An Internal Danger Compass- 2x better than spider sense, but its use shaves 1 minute off his life

An Internal Light- he would glow incredibly bright

Heat Generation- he could imminate twice the normal amount of body heat from his hands

Temperature Control- controls the temperature around himself and others


Blak Drakonz

Mr. Blak

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