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A Req
Created-by: SheWhoKnows
Origin: Earth.
Threat Level: Class-V
Personal Data
Real Name: Vanessa Lasaryth
Known Aliases: Whitewas
Species: 'Homo sapiens '
Age: Deceased.
Height: 5 feet, 3 inches.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Ivory
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Former combatant for the Imperium of the Uprisen.
Place of Birth: America.
Base of Operations: New York City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Bolt
Known Powers
Control of electricity.
Known Abilities
See below.
A kevlar combat suit, amongst other things.
Died during the Makata invasion, after betraying Amalgam.


Before encountering AmalgamEdit

Whitewash (born Vanessa Lasaryth) was born to an upper middle class family in New York City. She had straight A's through out her entire school life, and was accepted into MIT. She graduated at the age of 22 as a molecular physicist, and immediately began tampering with her powers. Unfortunately, one day she tweaked the wrong bolt, in essence, and her powers caused a massive lightning storm, destroying her fancy penthouse and leaving everyone she knew to believe she was dead. She immediately thought they didnt care about her death, prompting her hatred towards humanity, or Homo inferior, in the eyes of villainous mutants. However, it is because she was to busy to ever watch TV.

Meeting AmalgamEdit

When Amalgam began preaching her dream to the mutants of the sewer coven, Whitewash was skeptical of her power. However, as Amalgam helped get the mutants an new place to live, and showed she was not to be trifled with as shown on the news, Whitewash sucked up to Amalgam and became her right-hand woman. She helped keep control of the mutants by being conniving and spy-like, and most of the newly organized Mutant Alliance steered clear of angering this dynamic duo.

Makata InvasionEdit

When the Makata invaded, and after her escapade aboard the Vigilante, Whitewash fled back to the Alliance command center, in southern Alaska. While there, she began saving anyone she could find, recruiting powerful mutants to defend the compound as she sheltered anyone useful to help in their endeavor. During the later stages of Makata invasion, the Alliance gained the upper-hand in the fight and defeated the original remnants of the United Nations and the original Legion of Vigilance. During the fighting Bolt was killed, which contributed to Whitewash' already faltering allegiance to Amalgam. When she discovered that it was her leader that had killed him, she attempted to attack Amalgam, and was promptly killed, her powers being absorbed in the process.


Whitewash has the power of electrokinesis, which means she can control electricity with her mind. She can unlock digital locks and hack computer systems with a poke of her finger, combining her powers with her advanced intellect. She is a Class-4 mutant, meaning she is as powerful as Magneto. This sublime power rightfully made her Amalgam's 2nd in command, and she helped in the organization of the Mutant Alliance.