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Sasha Kuznetsov is a supervillian. She's Joseph's more psychotic younger sister known as the wildecat.

Biography Edit

When they were young they watched their father abused their mother when they attempted to intervene he turned around on them and beat them. On certain occasions Sasha was sexually abused by their father while Ivan Jr was beaten to death. As they moved to the United States, Ivan Jr was attacked by a large beast then later he transformed into a werewolf at the same time Sasha's powers manifested. Her nails and teeth grew & sharpened. As this happened they attacked their father and savagely beat him within an inch of his life, although Ivan Jr stopped Sash decapitated him. They went into hiding but were soon found by police, detained by paranormal officers, and placed in a mutant asylum. Throughout their time there Ivan & Sasha became more & more distant due to her erratic behavior, she caused multiple riots and murdered both a patient and a doctor. Olga was eventually placed in solitary confinement while Ivan was declared sane and was released and adopted, this angered her and to this day she holds a grudge against Ivan (who now goes by Joseph).

Powers/Abilities Edit

Sasha has the abilities of a wildcat, she's super fast and very agile and she has razor sharp claws and teeth.

Personality: Sasha is very psychotic due to her traumatic childhood, she also has misandry due to her father's abuse and the betrayal of her brother.

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