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Clown is a inexperienced Green Marine in the IPPP.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Clown is a teenage marine. He wears a gas mask that has been painted like a clown's face, which was to help him get over his fear of clowns.


Clown was issued the standard SCAR, but he did not like the feel of it. When he got to the armory in the US Base outside New York, he replaced his rifle with four TMPs. Clown's body suit is standard issued.

Infection OutbreakEdit

Clown was assigned to Stone Squad to replace Dagger after he left. Clown was a very nervous recruit, but he tried his best in training, so the officers believed placing him under the command of Lt. Razer Raptor would help him be more "stable". He was sent to New York City with the rest of Stone Squad. There, he learned more about the infection, and interviewed US Army soldiers Ramirez, Jack, and Fritz. When the armory truck arrived, he swapped his SCAR for TMPs. In the city, the squad investigated an apartment complex with signs taped nearby asking for help. The signs were a trap, and the entire squad (excluding Flamer) was captured at gunpoint of a group of survivors. Clown was tied up and blindfolded, but Razer escaped using his powers and killed a guard. Razer and Shark took the guard's weapons and attacked the survivors with assistance from Flamer. They freed the other marines, along with a pair of captive police officers. Clown released his anger by threatening a female survivor at gunpoint when she moved to comfort her frightened child. Later, the squad was drawn to an office building by gunfire. The building turned out to be a Survivor Checkpoint. They met a Land Raider, Shade there, and Clown called in a helicopter and supply drop for the checkpoint.


Shade took the marines to another checkpoint to distribute weapons. After a long ambush by infected, they reached the checkpoint and were greeted by the guards there. They were ambushed again by infected, and Clown was attacked and bitten on the face. Razer tried to call in an evac chopper, but the helicopters would not take anyone who was bitten and protocol stated that all infected or possible-infected had to be killed. Razer shot Clown with a pistol after Clown told him to do it before he turned. His supplies and dog tag were taken and his body was covered.

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