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Witch Hunter is a character in Adamantium93's fanfic True Colors. Witch Hunter (real name currently unknown) is a member of President Constantine's cabinet, the Secretary of Defense. He is also the ninth member of the clandestine Project 9, an ex CIA splinter group that preform the toughest jobs with the utmost secrecy. As the leader of Project 9, he is incredibly skilled in martial arts, firearms, and his ability.


Not much of his history prior to True Colors is known, however it is implied that he has preformed many dangerous, morally grey missions both on domestic soil and abroud.

He is first seen at the President's cabinet meeting, where he offers Project 9's services with recent problems, particularly the rebel situation. Michael Young assures him he won't be needed. He later approaches Michael demanding the information Hailey Constantine had gathered to track down the rebels. The meeting quickly turns hostile, and Witch Hunter swears that one day, he will be in power, and he will come after Michael Young. Michael responds that on that day, he will be waiting for Witch Hunter.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Energy Transfer: Witch Hunter can drain energy from victims if he is close enough (usually three to five feet away). He has complete control over this ability, but the closer the person the faster the energy transfer. While their energy is being drained, victims feel fatigued, lightheaded, and unable to focus. In the case of mutants, they also lose control over their abilities. This effect is only temporary, and their energy will regenerate in time. When he drains energy, Witch Hunter gains many secondary powers (detailed below). Though he could hypothetically kill someone through this transfer, he has not, as it is more efficient merely to drain enough energy to weaken them, and finish the job with a well placed bullet.

Secondary Mutations:Edit

While draining energy, Witch Hunter gains the following abilities. The more energy he drains, the more potent the ability.

Enhanced Strength and Speed: Whitch Hunter's muscles gain increased potential and efficiency, allowing him to lift greater weight and run at increased speeds. He gains increased stamina as well.

Increased Regeneration: Witch Hunter regenerates damaged tissue at an accelerated rate, the effect increasing with greater energy absorbed. If he absorbed enough, it is possible that he would heal instantly.

Heightened Brain Activity: Witch Hunter's brain processess faster, allowing him to form complex stratgies in a matter of seconds and calculate spatial distances in mere moments. He is more focused in this state, allowing increased accuracy and agility.

Energy Projection: By absorbing more energy, he could theoretically release it as pure power, causing incredibly destructive blasts of energy. However, this method consumes an incredible ammount of energy, and as such is innefficient in normal combat.


Martial Artist: Witch Hunter is a capable martial artist and an excellent hand-to-hand fighter.

Marksman: Witch Hunter is a skilled marksmen thanks to much training and talent. He knows how to operate many different firearms.

Physically Fit: Even without extra energy, Witch Hunter is in top physical condition for a man of his age and size.

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