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Xen-Tech was a large Corperation that was involved with creating advanced armor, vehicles, and weaponry to combat mutant kind. It was the first organization to create a Forced Experimental Mutation Program, but was shut down soon after the Four Year War began, due to the fact the corperation was selling this advanced weaponry to Mutant kind.

Products of Xen-TechEdit

The weapons and armor that Xen-Tech produced were labeled using the Greek Alphabet, where the Alpha-Class modles are the more simpler to design, and anything higher is more complicated. Some low-class modles were even scrapped completely due to budget cuts.



Combat KnivesEdit

  • Alpha-Class Multi-Purpose Combat Knife: An 8" Knife with magnetic grip for Zero-G Combat.
  • Beta-Class Multi-Purpose Combat Dagger: A large Machete with magnetic grip for Zero-G Combat.
  • Gamma-Class Energy-Fed Officer's Sword: A specialized Sword for Ranked Officers. The blade surrounds itself with white-hot plasma with the press of the activation switch. Like the Alpha and Beta, the grip is magnetic.


  • Zeta-Class Direct Energy Dispertion Sidearm
    • Mark I:
    • Mark II:
  • Eta-Class Rapid Fire Energy Distribution Sidearm:








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