Xeon is your basic nerd, but he's gone a bit mad. He's an expert in computer technology and basically any type of technology. He creates robots, similar to androids, to protect him. However, most of his attacks are cleverly designed electronic traps Odysseus-0053, Paul-0073 and Sith-venator Wavingstrider-0066, but fails to trap them due to their smartness. Despite his knowledge of technology, Xeon tends to be an easy villain to beat due to his laziness. Xeon usually creates schemes that use his technology to his advantage, so he normally is just sitting down as they fights- usually displaying himself via a web cam on a screen if he wants to speak with them. He is so smart (smarter than all the geniuses in the world, making him the smartest person in the world) that he took control of The Destructinator to be his best robot, even The Destructinator has his Non-Xeon origin, which means he wasn't created by him to protect him.

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