Yaoi Fangirl
Created by:
Origin: Technology
Category: Power Armour
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Jessie Juarez
Known Aliases: That brat
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 1.61m (without armour)
Weight: Slim
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Web master and bad fanfic author
Power armour suit containing numerous weapons and sensory systems as well as flight capability

By day the owner of an internet fansite dedicated to supervillains, Yaoi Fangirl has dedicated herself to enforcing her favourite supervillain couples, regardless of how those supervillains may feel about it.


The younger sister of Jimmy Juarez Jr., Jessie shared his upbringing. However, she did not share the mystical curse that saw him transformed into a werewolf; instead, she remained completely normal. Instead (and unaware of her brother’s dual life), she focused on her interest in supervillains.

This fascination lead her to the supervillain community site,, which served as a mostly factual database of supervillains run by those who saw themselves as fans of the “bad guys”. Initially starting on the site’s small fan community, she built up a reputation as a famous fanfic author for her various “romantic” stories about different supervillains. Building on her popularity base, she gradually took over more and more of the site until she eventually forced out its owners, taking sole possession of it, while smearing their names across the community.

From there, she transformed the site; formerly purely factual with a small fan section, she transformed into a hub of supervillain-themed fanfic and fan art, mostly of an allegedly romantic nature. However, she found that, no matter what she did, the real supervillains stubbornly refused to conform top her ideals about how their love lives should be – especially the handsome young men who tended to hang around female supervillains, rather then each other.

Frustrated by reality, she decided to do something about it. Stealing from her brother’s bank account, she used her ill-gotten gains to purchase a battlesuit from Shockblast and modify it to her needs. From there, she vowed to set out to remake the supervillain world in her image.


Jessie is equipped with a (slightly) stripped-down version of Shockblast’s battlesuit; while less powerful then his own version, it is still very capable. Like Shockblast’s suit, it is heavily armoured and capable of flight, as well as being equipped with a large number of sensors and communications systems. It is also fully environmentally sealed.

Furthermore, like Shockblast’s suit, it shares the same multi-function arm blaster, making the suit both very adaptable and very dangerous. She has a fair knowledge of how to use its systems, allowing her to customise its weapons for use against specific foes.

Unfortunately, the suit shares the same weakness as its parent; the power generation systems are very poorly shielded, making them very vulnerable to electromagnetic attacks; in fact, it seems that the suit is even less shielded then Shockblast’s own, which may be a deliberately engineered weakness.


Jessie seems to be somewhat delusional and living in a fantasy world of her own devising; she earnestly believes that supervillains should act like her idealised fantasies of them, regardless of how they might feel about it. She openly attacks female supervillains who she sees as “keeping her couples apart”, even if they have no interest – or connection at all – to the male villains in question.

She seems to be completely unaware that one of her favourite villains, Warez Wolf, is actually her brother; a fact that seems even more disturbing in light of the amount of fanfic she has written about him. Her idealised image of his human form bares no resemblance to Jimmy at all.

She has never openly used any name in her supervillain identity; however, the name “Yaoi Fangirl” seems to have stuck to her.


Jessie Juarez is a short, slightly built woman in her early 20s with brown eyes and long black hair. Her suit, however, is far more distinctive; while based on Shockblast’s, its exterior appearance has been rather radically customised. The entire suit is in what could only be described as a “rainbow” colour scheme, with the words “boys love” written on the chestplate. The backpack features customised airbrushed art of Bloodaxe and Defenestrator X kissing.

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